VastPark adds 6 new open specifications to the Web:

All of our specifications are open for use by other applications and developers. Our main specifications are completely decoupled from each other and can be used in isolation from the others so that the purposes they can be useful for go far beyond our own narrow business use cases.

  • IMML - Lightweight XML interactive spatial format
  • Metaforik - Define a conceptual idea (a Metaforik "Item") with metadata that refers to specific digital assets and services
  • Continuum - Streaming interactive media format capable of capturing and repurposing all kinds of collaborative activities as knowledge files
  • OpenAvatar - An open description of a high quality mesh-based avatar that supports swappable body parts.
  • LIXA - A lightweight XML bone-based animation format

July 6, 2011: OpenAvatar videos and discussion area created: http://www.vimeo.com/groups/openavatar
June 9, 2011: OpenAvatar SDK partners release
March 23, 2011: New specification announced: OpenAvatar - An open description of a high quality mesh-based avatar that supports swappable body parts.

Ideas for new specifications:

  • ScenarioML - An open description for interactive narrative elements that can be added to a scene during run-time.
  • VastMark - Bookmark real and virtual places and things and share them so that people can see your annotations and point of view. Suitable for augmented and virtual world purposes.
  • Persona - An open description of a user's (or group or community or bot's) social collection and related permissions and methods of contact that can be customized by group or individual.

Interoperability and Standards

We support a range of existing standards in our quest to build the most open platform available. As new standards for interoperability emerge we aim to support them.

Existing open standards we use and support today include HTTP, RESTful web services, XML, Odata, Collada, OpenGL and HTML. We also provide an open API that enables for massive extensibility of the platform to support both open and proprietary systems, services, data and more. Plugins can be written in any .Net language such as C#, VB, IronPython and more. Scripting can currently be done in LUA.

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