The VastPark platform and associated specifications use a range of appropriate licenses. Here are the common licenses and instructions. Please contact us for more information.

VastPark Open Specifications

The VastPark Open Source code

Where is the open source code?

What licenses are used for the public source code?

  • Prior to VP2, the VastPark virtual worlds platform core libraries are provided under the GPL 2 (with an option of using it under GPL 3)
  • From VP2, the VastPark Open Source libraries can be used under the GPL 2 or GPL v3 for inhouse on-premises deployments. Cloud deployments that support more than one customer organization must use this code according to the AGPL v3 only. The only intended difference between these two situations (inhouse vs cloud) is that in the second situation, all code changes made to the libraries must be released.
  • The OpenAvatar Public SDK is provided under the MIT license.

What is the End User License on the official free public tools?

  • The VastPark Player is under a friendly End User License (EULA). This is a big advantage to commercial developers because they are free to distribute this application and they can create commercial plugins that they keep proprietary so they have no need to open source these plugins. Everyone benefits because it means that if you have installed the Player, you will be able to go to more compatible worlds over time.

Content license for website text and community contributors

The written content (except source code) in this website is released under the Creative Commons. Read the details on how visitors, members and official partners may use the content. In summary, you must provide attribution and visitors must not use the content for commercial purposes. By adding your content to this site you agree to release your public contributions (including text, readable code samples, images and models posted to this site) under the Creative Commons By Attribution license Non-commercial. Partners are welcome to contact us about using the information for commercial purposes.

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Contributing to the open source projects

Code contributors seeking to contribute to our open source projects can find out more about how to contribute and the licensing of code contributions.