Technical documentation

Developer documents

01/20/2012 04:11 pm

Software > Player

Portable VastPark Player

09/05/2011 12:25 am

Software > Server

Open Source server

01/13/2011 08:36 am

Software > SDK

VastWorlds Trial SDK

01/24/2012 02:16 am

Includes the WorldServer (supports up to 5 concurrent users unlicensed), the Player, templates and introductory documentation.

Software > Tools

LIXA animation tool

01/09/2011 01:57 pm

Discover more about the LIXA animation format.


01/09/2011 02:16 pm

Discover more about MaxIMML for 3DS Max.


09/03/2011 03:44 am

Check for the latest releases at


01/24/2012 03:46 am

The fast way for developers to write IMML documents. Learn more about IMMLpad.

VastPark Creator

01/24/2012 03:50 am

WYSIWYG editor for IMML. Learn more about VastPark Creator.

World Templates

Network tester

01/05/2011 01:04 am

This is a basic network connectivity tester.

Hello World Pack (v1.5.x)

02/04/2011 04:45 am

The hello world pack is modified version of the hello world template. This park can be executed from your local drive and connect to a remote server.

Artwork examples

Default Avatar - ProxyMan

01/09/2011 02:07 pm

Includes rigging and bones for creating custom avatars.

Legacy software (old versions)

Server - Older releases

08/06/2010 07:01 pm

The WorldServer Developer Package was released in July 2010 and contains a lightweight version of the server as well as several templates. It is available as freeware. It has been replaced by the VastServer Developer Edition.

The download is attached at the bottom of this page.

Spiderbot Example (for pre-v1.5.x)

10/28/2010 11:56 pm

A very simple AI robot is able to move around the environment and move around the obstacles to reach it's goal. When the goal is reached, the user can refresh their Player to run Spiderbot again.

Spiderbot uses line of sight tests to "sense" it's environment and chooses the most open path. The logic is rudimentary so it's easy to block Spiderbot on it's way. You can move the boxes around by grabbing them with your mouse (Left mouse button click and drag a box). We discovered via a client that you can also have multiple users inworld and race your spiderbots by pushing boxes in front of others and open up the pathway for your spiderbot....

Dune buggy demo (for pre-v1.5.x)

10/28/2010 11:57 pm

Shows a dune buggy (modern vehicle) that the user can drag to move left or right.

WorldServer Developer Edition v1.0

12/17/2010 05:16 am

Includes powerful per user statistics to help you track down issues in your server-side and client-side code. By default, this software comes with a 10 user license key.